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After careful consideration and consultation with current participants, Nubian Link has decided to defer its inaugural Introduction to Afrikan History course until Saturday 13th April 2013.


As a community-centred, self-financed organisation, Nubian Link can only deliver the course if it proved to be sustainable. Unfortunately, the low attendance at the initial running of the course on a Tuesday evening and the distance travelled by the course Tutor ‘Mwalimu’[1] George Ben Anthony from Sheffield, has shown that the course at present is not viable. 


The good news is that following constructive feedback from participants, they are agreed and committed to attend the course if delivered on a Saturday afternoon between 2-4pm in the Spring. Nubian Link supports this enthusiasm and commitment by the participants and will keep them and the community updated on the progress to confirm the new start date, time and venue of this engaging and inspiring course.


In the meantime, please assist Nubian Link to generate more interest and uptake in what we believe is a valuable introductory course to Afrikan History through discussion with your friends, family and social media interactions. Our website at Nubianlink.org.uk has more information about the organisation and information and updates regarding the course.


On behalf of Nubian Link, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants for their attendance to date and commitment to attend the new start in the Spring; ‘Mwalimu’ George Ben Anthony for his tutorship; and the Education Wellbeing Centre for providing the course venue.


Yours in the spirit of Ma'at

[1] Ki-Swahili term that means ‘teacher/educator’

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