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Welcome to Nubian Link
Nubian Link, established in 1995 CE strives to develop and promote the educational, cultural and economic needs of the Afrikan community from an Afrikan-centred perspective.

Introduction to Afrikan History by Nubian Link

This is an exciting new course that aims to:

  • Provide an introduction of Afrikan History over six weeks,
  • Debunk and challenge myths of history from an Afrikan-centred perspective
  • Present key researched facts and information,
  • Encourage participants to ask questions about the course content and how to engage in their own research.
The Introduction to Afrikan History Course will start on April 13th 2013 and then every Saturday from 12.30 - 2.30 PM for six weeks. The programme will be delivered by ‘Mwalimu’ (Wa-lee-moo) George Ben Anthony; a renowned Afrikan History and Culture teacher, educator and researcher, and a member of Nubian Link’s Council of Elders. Course will be delivered at:
Sheifton Saturday School,
Radford Unity Complex, 208 Ilkeston Road,
Radford, Nottingham NG7 2BY

An optional seventh week will be available to participants to find out more about the work and achievements of Nubian Link and how they can assist in the organisations future.

Course co-ordinator Kwabena (Kwab-na) Osayande (O-sa-yan-day) said, “The new Introduction to Afrikan History Course will be a fantastic opportunity for people to gain an insight as to the depth, relevance and contribution of Afrika and Afrikans to world civilisation and history”

Participants who successfully complete the course and wish to get involved in the progression of Nubian Link and the community will be invited to progress to Nubian Link’s ‘Leadership Programme’ in 2013.
To find out more about Nubian Link or how to register on the Introduction to Afrikan History course please call 07973 284796 or email info@nubianlink.org.uk

The fees for the six week Introduction to Afrikan History Course are as follows: £30 (waged), £20 (unwaged)


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