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Our e-magazine is called Drum Call


Why Drum Call?


Our Drum Call editor published an e-magazine called ‘Alkebu-Lan Express’ for a number of years. Whilst this enjoyed moderate levels of success and exposure it did suffer ‘one man band syndrome’ and needed fresh impetus.

Therefore, as the Editor and a Steering Group member of Nubian Link it made sense to align the e-zine to the group, which in its formative years published a print version of Drum Call.

With due respect to the fantastic and unrelenting work of The Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement (ARM), some people wrongly made a connection between the e-zine Alkebu-Lan Express and ARM and I did not want to appear to be associating the e-zine with ARM who publish the brilliant newspaper, The Whirlwind.

The drum call is synonymous in Afrikan culture with communication, culture, education, spirituality and music; and these are the areas where Nubian Link wants to focus the content of the magazine. Moreover, or perhaps I should say unfortunately, many (Afrikan people) find the name “Drum Call” more engaging than “Alkebu-Lan Express”; and as painful as this truth may be, it does indicate the work required to re-instate a higher level of Afrikanity amongst the many and not the few.

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